Combining two zipped backup files to restore

In an unusual circumstance, I want to combine two previously dated backup zip files together and then restore them to emclient. Has anyone attempted to do this. I know you can combine two or more zip files into one, but wondered if the integrity of the information will be OK or will it scramble email information?

I know that I may get duplicate email files in many circumstances, but I can use the duplicate tool to get around that.

martes 22 septiembre 2020 :: 1024hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi Gary…

You are correct you can add files/folders to a ZIP file, however, if you simply try to Copy & Paste you will end up with 1 ZIP with another ZIP inside the first.
If you expand 1 and Copy & Paste the expanded files you will copy over (in my case 112 same name files/folders plus 18 further unique files/folders) it does not work and will corrupt EMC.
I just tried in a Sandbox on a test computer.

If you are intent on restoring 2 backups, first restore the older then the more recent or vice versa you can choose at the point of restore, however, before you start experimenting FIRST make a manual backup as of NOW.

If you are trying to recover something that was deleted between the 2 backups in question - say an email, after the first restore save the email/s as EML files and copy to a USB stick, if an attachment, locate and do the same, then once you get to your desired restored point copy the saved files back.

As an aside be VERY careful before using Deduplicate, some people have experienced issues.

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


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Hi Russ,

Thanks for the information as it relates to combining zip files. I had to download Emclient again and set it up after my Window 10 operating systems crashed. In between the time I restored, I had a few days of business I had to conduct. So, before the restore, I exported those days to an .eml format as a separate file. When I restored, noticed a lot of duplicates and used the Emclient to remove them, thinking it would keep one of the duplicates in Emclient. Well whatever I did or it did, all those emails were deleted. :frowning: Since after saving the .eml file I have backed up everything that was in Emclient, so thinking if I combine the two backup zip files, even though I get duplicates again, not a problem I can just click not to view the diplicates. One last question. How do you import the .eml file since it is not in Outlook, Thunderbird or other .eml program? The import asks which email program to import from.

Thanks in advance, Gman211

miércoles 23 septiembre 2020 :: 2133hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi Gary…

I did warn you about Deduplicate, again if you try to combine the TWO zip files
you will probably end up with a disaster; restore them individually in date order.

To import EML files to eM Client.
You are looking in Applications, look in Files (lower half of window)

With EMC in view ->
Menu -> File -> Import -> Files -> Email (.eml) -> Next -> Follow the instructions

¡Saludos desde la soleada España!


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Hello again Russ,

Yes you did warn about “Deduplicate”. Problem was, I did it way before joining this forum. :frowning:

Thanks too for the .eml file instructions. Will most likely let the forum folks know how it went.