Combine emails in listing that have same sender+subject

I saw a few post in regards to this. I thought it’s already standard feature for the conversation view.
It seems that the most recent version ditch this feature that I actually wanted.

It’s a feature that’s standard and can be toggled on/off on Aquamail (on my Android phone).

My use case is that I often receive numerous automated notifications on my inbox with the same sender+subject (just slightly different content). Every day I would have about half a dozen to a dozen.

Something akin of “upload successful”, “new data entry pending your approval”.

Just because a message has the same subject, and comes from the same sender, doesn’t mean it is part of a conversation. Rather, a conversation is determined by headers in the message, specifically those that reference a previous message this is a reply to.

If all these messages are in a separate folder, you could arrange the folder by sender and subject. They won’t be conversations, but they will be together.

I know. I just wished it can be combined in the inbox listing so it’s easier to organize.

The term that’s being used on this particular feature I’m looking for seems to vary with different app, it’s rather confusing.

Main point is that emails coming from the same sender + same subject is most likely coming from automated notification system that’s 'preferably" combined for ease of filing/archive/deletion.