I can’t change the width of the “received” column. It is far wider than necessary so the displayed email window on the right is too narrow. Other column widths can be adjusted but not “received”.

Hello Wendy,

Can you please tell us if you’ve tried changing the width from both sides (left and right)? What theme do you use (Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Appearances ->Themes)? What DPI do you use on your monitor? Can you please share a screenshot?

Thank you,

I have the same problem using 7.0.27943.0.

I can adjust other column widths in the inbox view, but can’t adjust the Received column width, and it is too wide (wastes a lot of screen area)

After a bit more experimenting I found that as long as the column to the right of the “received” column contains text (not icon or attachment) you can adjust the width.   However the width of the rightmost column containing text can’t be adjusted.