Column aspect ratio with screen dimensions

I use a docking station where my screen is three to four times larger than my laptop. When I use eMClient on my docking station - I set the column widths where everything is spaced nicely. Once I unplug the from docking station - down to just the 13in screen - the column spacing is off. I have to resize where I can read the columns again. Once I plug it back into the docking station, then spacing is all messed up again.

I know switching screen sizes will limit how much is viewable - but it doesn’t seem to lock the resizing aspect ration across screen sizes. This causes me to constantly need to adjust the columns on different screens. Please fix so that aspect ratios remain the same.


Hi Matt.
I have the same issue, and it drives me nuts.

Almost enough to drive me back to outlook… almost.

Devs, could you use percentages rather than pixels to calculate the width?

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Hello all,
Please try installing the newest release:
There were several UI changes made.


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Hi Matt,
please refrain from sharing internal testing versions.
This version is not an official service update as it has not gone through all needed internal tests.

Please, come with this feature ASAP. This issue brought me here to suggest it as a new feature. Just to remember the layout setting according to the Resolution/Aspcet Ratio.

Saving of the layout per screen is crucial!!! Moving from notebook screen to big monitor makes me to rebuild layout multiple times a day… When can we expect this, please?!

hi, I register to the forum to add my vote to this this request. Using emclient on multi monitor is a pain as we have to resize the windows every time