Colorable email accounts (for the overview)

It would be nice, to have separate colors for each mail account, so one could see, to which mailbox a message in the overview (all mailboxes) belongs to.

Hi, Unfortunately we are not planning to implement this in close future, because we focus on more required features requested by our clients/users.


Hi too

That’s absolutely ok.
An idea is just an idea is just an idea :wink:
Maybe it’s getting realised if your devs are working on something similar.

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I think in buying the product, however, the same feature that JimmyRu needs, I would like to have to. I have several mail accounts, and it would be great to see where the mail accounts come from. If the team is focusing in having other features, and I think one of them would be eM client 7, when this new version would be released, because if the release would be soon, I would prefer waiting it, instead of buying the version 6 and then to pay to version 7 as other feature would be to be able to customize bar options, such as to be able to have empty trash, empty spam, or any other one.

This would be VERY helpful for those of us that use multiple accounts and flag emails for later followup.

When I have 15-20 flagged emails it starts to be a problem.  It would be great if I am working on a specific client to see which flagged emails are for them.

Or if there was a way to group the flagged emails by account.

Hey JimmyRu,
Not exactly what we wanted, but I think it might be a work around.
I setup categories for each account with different colors, then set up rules to assign the category when they come in.

Then I added a column for the category, but shrunk it down just to see the color.  If there is no category you will see a “N”, so I did some with white.

Now I only wish there was a way to make the category visible on the flagged emails.  Then it would be perfect.  Outlook let me group flagged emails on the sidebar.   That’s the only thing I miss.

Anybody have any idea how to do that??

Hi Barbara,It is a workaround, and it works only if you have explicit your email depending on the account. If someone sends to you an email as bcc (blind carbon copy), the rules will  not separate as it should be.
I consider this resource basic, not an enhancement, and if it was paid, we should request to them this feature. this is my opinion.

Hey John,
Yes it did work.  I just sent an email and bcc one of my addresses.  It came up with the color.  It is applying the category depending on what account the email comes through on.

Yes, I am hoping they can do this in the future, especially about the sidebar.

Hi Barbara, it will work while it is possible to include rules, otherwise, eM Client does not know which account the email comes from…if it is possible to set a color for each account, it doesnt matter who sends to us, the color will be set by account. 
Anyway, as you said, it is a workaround, but we hope this feature implemented SOON. 

Well, apparently it is possible to colorize the email in the list now.  I found this discussion this morning:

Now my flagged emails are colored too.  This is going to help A LOT!

How do you setup rules for each email account please?