Collapsed sidebar = search folders break

I have two search folders: a list of inboxes for a unified inbox, while filtering out ones I don’t want included; also, my faxes/voicemail inbox, which are both managed via email.I have both of these saved as favorites, so when I collapsed the left sidebar, I can still click the favorites star and select the appropriate search folder.

When the sidebar isn’t collapsed, the search folders function fine, albeit not always quickly updating new, incoming emails (seems to be a chronic issue after a search on here). When the sidebar is collapsed, however, clicking on the search folders shows nothing except the following message: “This folder contains no items and no operation can be performed.” However, when I click on the same search folders when the sidebar isn’t collapsed, the function appropriately, showing all emails in said folders.

This doesn’t appear on my at-home Windows or MacOS clients, only my work one (Windows).