Collapsed side-bar does not show all accounts

I have two email accounts configured in eM Client. When the side-bar is expanded I can see both the “iCloud” and “Digiata” accounts. However, when I collapse the side-bar, I see only the “Digiata” account :thinking:.

See screenshot:
Screenshot 2023-05-13 at 20.09.30

Edit: Ok, now that I’ve started the application again, it’s showing both of my mailboxes in the collapsed side-bar, but it is still not showing a button for the “Inboxes” folder. I normally use the combined inboxes view, so how do I get it to show in the collapsed side-bar?

Inboxes does not show in the collapsed sidebar. Only those Favorites you are displaying (which might include All Inboxes) and your accounts.

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Ah, thanks! Adding “Favorites” to the list of displayed side-bar items did it :+1:.