Closing one message closes the whole app!

I open one email from my inbox, and sometimes when I close it the entire app and inbox close at the same time.

Windows or Mac?
Key sequence leading to closure of app?
Error messages on screen?
Error messages in MENU > OPERATIONS (Errors and/or Log)

I have the same problem. Closing the open email closes the entire program. There are no error messages nor any logged.

If you are comfortable executing these steps, give this a try:

(1) Delete any installation files you have downloaded.
(2) Uninstall eM Client, making sure not to delete your database directory when asked. This will ensure your settings and data remain in place.
(3) If it exists, delete C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client
(4) Download and install the latest version from the Release History.
(5) The latest version of eM Client should then start with all your data in place.

Let us know if this helps in any way with the issue you are encountering or not.

Closing the open email closes the entire program

I have seen this happen where a message window was nearly fully maximized and a user clicked the X close window button top right which then closed the whole program as they were actually clicking the program X close button by mistake.

So to test if this is the issue, click the “maximize” button on the open message window. Might just be something as simple as this issue

Some apps do work that way: closing the main window closes all child windows and hence, the entire app. EMC does not work that way, at least not my version (latest). If you close the main window while a message window is open, the main window closes and the message window stays open. From what I gather, this is not what @Judith27 is experiencing.

I personally don’t have this issue with eM Client. If I close any message windows, it never closes the main program. I would remove and reinstall the whole program as @sunriseal suggested as then sounds like a problem with the install somewhere.

I followed your directions exactly. This did not solve the problem. I noticed another post from cyberzork suggesting maybe the page was not fully maximized, and clicking the X in the upper right was actually closing the program. When I double click on an email the email opens in another tab and is fully maximized. In fact, I cannot reduce the size of the page. Clicking on the X closes the program.

Thank you for your help and suggestions so far. If there is anything else I can try I will gladly try it. I love this program, and I want to continue to use it.

When I double click on an email it opens fully maximized in another window. I cannot get the page to reduce in size no matter what I do. The only way to close it is by clicking on the X, and that closes the entire program.

When a window is maximized, you can hold the mouse down in the title bar and drag the window down. This will cause it to “de-maximize”. Have you tried to do that with an email message window?

Another thing to try. When you start the app, is the main window maximized? If so, try making it not maximized and adjust its size to something comfortable before opening an email.

Thank you for your suggestions. I have tried both, and, unfortunately, neither worked for me.

Apart from pulling the maximized (message window down) by dragging it from the top centre as @Victor.David advised, when the message window is moved down from the top of your screen, then put your mouse pointer at the very top right or top left of the message window and you should see your mouse pointer (change) to a 45deg double ended mouse pointer where you can then (drag it towards the centre of the screen) and shrink the window.

You should then see the main eM Client program behind it to then avoid closing the program and the message window in the centre of em Client.