Closing EMClient does not close all windows

I recently upgraded my PC to Version 8. Often, I will have EMClient open, and have multiple emails open in separate windows. In past versions, when I closed the EMClient window, all the other windows (other open emails) would auto-close at the same time.
Now, the Client closes, but all the windows stay open. I have to go close each one of them individually before everything is properly “closed”
This is especially a nuisance because I might later want to re-open the actual EMClient program from the toolbar. But I can’t, because all those open windows make the toolbar think it is already open.

I think this may be as a result of the new feature in version 8 where the application can be opened in more than one window, so message windows are now treated differently.

To close all the windows at one time, use Menu > Exit.

BTW, if I close eM Client and some message windows are left open, I don’t have any problem opening the main eM Client window again at a later time by clicking on the application icon in my Start Menu.

I just saw this response and it was very helpful.
However, I think the application should close all open messages when you click on the “X” which is the normal way of closing/exiting an application (Outlook does this).

The main difference is that Menu > Exit is asking the application to exit. So all windows.

The X in the window is just a way to close that window. So for example, you wouldn’t expect if you were composing a new message, and you clicked the X in the compose window, that the whole application would close.