Closedown for dummies

Is then an option that either provides a confirmation message when closedown “X” is pressed, or minimise to the system tray? (then perhaps right click the tray icon to properly closedown). I know you can minimise to the system tray with the minimise button “_”.

there is not such option at the moment. As you said, to minimize to tray you can use the minimize button (with appropriate setting selected in the Settings).
Can you please describe, what would be an advantage of such functionality, so we can evaluate it and possibly add it to our todo list? Thank you.

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Thanks for the reply. Most of the apps I work with, or have written have an option to display a confirmation message on close down, to protect against accidentally pressing the closedown icon ‘X’. eM Client takes a while to start up (on my PC at least), so it’s a bit annoying having to restart it. Having said that, now that I’m getting more familiar with em Client I am learning not to press the closedown icon unless I really mean it!
Having the option to interpret the closedown icon as a request to minimise to the tray is just a useability enhancement, but it’s commonly used.