Client very slow

Hello, since 2-3 days EM Client is very slow, I can hardly open emails. I use google SMTP. Any ideas?

If “you haven’t done or changed anything in eM Client” and “your Internet speed is still the same”, then could be possibly the OS has updated or another program has updated or changed that’s now affecting eM Client.

Are all your other programs the same speed, or are they also very slow to use as well ?

If your other programs are ok and its only eM Client that’s suddenly gone very slow, then try uninstalling and reinstalling eM Client. When you uninstall “Dont delete the database when asked”. You can d/l the same or later version of eM Client to reinstall from the version history page.

If uninstalling and reinstalling makes no difference, then if you have any eg: Optional Antivirus programs, or Optional Firewall / Security programs or VPN’s etc try completely disabling those to test if any of those are interfering.

Failing that, suggest try rolling the OS back to an earlier date when you know it was working ok. So if you have Windows use System Restore. If you have a Mac use Time Machine.