Client is always prompting for attachment

Hi. When sending email, client is always asking whether I forgot to add the attachment, even tho I didn’t mention anything about attachments in email text.

EDIT: After changing the language of the email client to my native language the problem went away. I used to have the client in English and wrote emails in Slovak. But even tho I never mentioned any “attachment” the client gave me a warning. Might be useful to look into it.

As nobody replied to me, I will rephrase the problem - when I’m sending an email, the email client always asks me whether I forgot to add the attachment and it doesn’t matter if I mention or not anything about attachments in the email text.

I can tick the option to not display the warning message again, but then it could happen that I will actually forget to add an attachment and then the warning message will be truly useful.

Can anyone look into this? I have eM v8, latest updates. Thank you.