Client/eMail connection

Hi…I am setting up a new laptop (my old and faithful computer is showing signs of giving up) and have decided to use eM mail.

However I am unable to get any mail from my mail server…
I see this in the eM mail account settings but it was entered as;

while on my other computer it is for the incoming mail while the outgoing mail server is;

Why can I not get any mail on the new computer while I still can on my old one.


Just joined this forum myself and spotted ur Q…

U need to setup the mail details on ur new machine exactly the same as ur old one.
This includes pop/smtp details, passwords, authorisation requirements & port numbers.

Anything not entered correctly and it won’t work.

All these details can be found within ur old client (tho the password may be asterisked out).

GoodLuck :slight_smile:

Thanks keef…I’ll give it a shot.
When I do this will the email work only on one computer??

I checked all my settings and they are the same as my old computer.
When I click “send and receive” I get;


and then …disconnected.

Ok - my EM Client says ‘Synchronising’ rather than ‘Connecting’ !!??

As u get no error messages, it sounds like it’s not connecting to the internet ??
Or ur computer isn’t ??

I assume u can view web pages etc ??

Do u have a third party Firewall or Anti-Virus that might be blocking EM ??

Other than that I can’t think of anything else and hopefully someone more knowledgeable about EM will respond :slight_smile:
(I’ve only just started using it myself)

Re “email only working on one computer” - unless u select ‘Leave messages on server’ option, the first computer to retrieve an email will be the only one that retrieves that email as it’s now removed from the server.
(hope that make sense) :))

Thanks Keef…Yes. the internet connection is fine and Em is not firewall blocked.

I also ticked “leave on server” and still the old computer is the only one getting mail

It looks like a really nice programe so I hope I can get it to work

Good luck with that Sean - regret I have no other ideas to offer…

Yes, it does seem like a really nice program, tho I also have an issue (listed a few topics below yours).

If I cannot resolve this problem I will be ditching it :frowning:


If you can’t receive emails please check in Tools - Accounts - your account if you have IMAP tab there, if not then add your account again.

Also I see you have switched devices, do you use same license for both? If so and you are free user please make sure that you have deactivated your license on old computer before activating on new, or create a new one for free.

if you are pro user then you have to purchase one license per one device.