Client 7

After installing the update to EM Client 7 several issues have occurred. Firstly one email account has gone completely. I was faced with over 1000 unread emails which all had previously been read and or deleted and then they vanished, Synchronising takes forever. All of the mail folders have been duplicated so now I do not know which to keep and which not to

Client just hangs during operations and cannot do any other tasks while having to wait

Seriously this is a real problem

How do I roll back to the previous version this one is obviously broken 

I also had problems but managed to restore my system to just before the eM Client update which wiped my emails - in Windows 10, I searched for ‘System restore’ in the search bar next to the Windows icon. This led to ‘Create a restore point’ and it was then just a case of following the onscreen instructions. The emails were restored and my panic was over! I won’t be attempting to update eM Client again, at least until I’m assured that this issue has been fixed.

Thanks Wild Slim. Unfortunately after recently updating to win 10 I forget to set the system restore. This was the first thing I thought of to do but alas did not have a restore point (fixed that now).

I also will not be updating until there is a fix to this.

I would have assumed an update would keep original settings and email etc but seems this does not 

Hello Brent,

Could it be that you accidentally skipped the data migration from eM Client 6? This is needed because eM Client 7 has a new database structure.
You can import this data manually using the Menu -> File ->Import -> Import from eM Client 6 option.

Restoring your system can lead to a damaged eM Client database, if you’re interested in a downgrade please let us now and we’ll send you instructions.


I, too, am not at all happy with the upgrade and desperately want to revert back to what I had (6). We tried the several options suggested, and none would work. We have the free version, so is it still possible to get instructions?

Hello Mary,

We’re sorry if you aren’t happy with version 7 but we’ll of course help you with the downgrade. Please just keep in mind that version 6 is not in development anymore and after the last update for version 6 is released, no other fixes or updates will be released for it.

For going back to the old version it is necessary to uninstall version 7 and re-install version 6 (available from If you haven’t deleted the version 6 database during the installation of version 7, you don’t have to do anything else.

If you have deleted the databas e, it will be necessary to deal with the change of the database structure between version 6 and 7:
Do you have any data stored locally or do you have it on the server? If you have all your data on the server , we would recommend starting with a new database after the re-installation of version 6. If eM Client can’t find the database folder in the default location (C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming) with the default name (‘eM Client’), it will create a new one. In order to start with a new database, simply turn eM Client off and rename the ‘eM Client’ folder to e.g. ‘eM Client old database’. Please do note that starting with a new database will reset your program settings.
If you have some locally stored data , you will unfortunately need to Export this data from version 7 through Menu ->File ->‘Export…’ function into universal formats (such as .eml for e-mails), that can then be imported into version 6 through File -> ‘Import…’


Some things I learned the hard way when reverting to version 6.

For any upgrade, have the upgrade program backup your previous version.

Prior to version rollback, export any recent emails that might not be in your old backup files.

After version rollback, enable periodic backups, preferably to a target directory on another drive