Client 6.0.20025.0 doen not connect to Exchange

I downloaded eM Client 6.0.20025.0
It does not connect to Exchange.
In the automatric configuration is it says “server found authentication failed.”
My credentials are correct.
when I try to configure under Other (either in POP3 or IMAP) the Ourgoing server tests correctly (proving credential are OK) but Incoming Server test fails.
(It could be that POP3/IMAP fails becasue of no authorization for POP3/IMAP on Exchange side. I will look into that, but I want eM to connect to Exchange properly not via PO3/IMAP.

Any leads how to fix this (I see several user complaining about eM not working properly with Exchange. Is this a known issue?)

Second, when automatic configuaration of Exchange works, it is a proper push connection or does eM connect to Exchange as POP3/IMAP regrdless if configures automatically or as Other?

how did you setup your account? Have you been using the automatic setup or did you try the “manual” setup, if not can you please try using the manual setup, to do so, when trying to create a new account switch from the automatic setup tab to the mail tab, and select exchange.

There’s an option to enter a username, which I know can have a different formats with different exchange versions.

Let me know if this setup worked for you or not.

As to your second question it is an Exchange Web Service supporting push connection, so yes.

Thank you for your patience and sorry for the late reply,