Clicking on Notification is slow to bring up the email window

Windows 11. Modern PC with 32GB RAM, AMD Ryzen 3600, Radeon RX5500 XT GPU. Whenever EmClient pops up a notification (bottom right corner) that a new email arrives and I click on it, it takes a full 2-3 seconds for the email window to appear. Why is it not instantaneous? When other apps pop up a notification and I click on it, the app is displayed immediately.

There is always a chance that it relates to Windows 11 or apps (VPN, A/V, others) running in the background.

So it’s instantaneous for you? Also I’m on a 1 gbit/sec fiber optic connection, and my PC is connected with a CAT6 cable so I have <10ms latency. The eM Client notification delay happens no matter what else I’m doing on my PC.

Not at all!! I use “sound” notification and it very rarely makes a sound at the exact time of arrival… varies between 1 and ~15 seconds and at times never makes a sound… has always been that way, for me. Not ultra important for me so I got used to it.

miércoles 10 noviembre 2021 :: 1029hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @armandhammer

I have 2 more or less identical laptops one with Win 11 Pro & the other with Win 10 Pro Workstation x64 21H1, both are very high spec with 1Gb full fibre connection both were purchased with the OS installed - not upgrades.
The Win10 machine has a slightly quicker performance, however, it has a Xeon W-10885M vPro Processor so no surprise here.
The bottom line is that, yes both react virtually instantaneously, but in my opinion your claimed 2-3 second delay is also absolutely acceptable as in all probability that is how long my instantaneous reaction time is and is probably covered by your reaction time to use a stop watch.

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