Clicking check on rules lists multiple entries at one time

New Rules automatically have checkmark in front after creation.

Control-A highlights all the created rules. Issue: how does one tell eM Client to add multiple checkmarks at one time to the highlighted rules?

Clicking manually on hundreds of rules one at a time is far too time consuming for a modern email application.

Thanks for explaining.

–John A Kossey

That indicates that the rule is active.
Unchecking it indicates that the rule is inactive

Why would you have unchecked ALL rules? As far as I know activating inactivated rules requires a manual individual activation.

I de-activated to see if a single rule is actually functioning. Thus far, I tried two rules; neither seems to be functioning. The list server for Nota Bene is non-trivial, so I probably tried to test on an email that is too complex for exact match. I will have to laboriously re-enter the checkbox manually, unless someone offers a function that will activate them by group.

Sadly, I have not figured a way to test new rules against already-received email in Inbox folder.


John A Kossey

If you “de-activate”, removed the check mark for those 2 rules, they will not work… is that what you intended?

If I misunderstood anything (not unheard of) perhaps you can display the rule so along with a verbiage explanation of what you are trying to accomplish… perhaps 1 of us can help.

I had deactivated (say) 123 of 125 created rules to see if those two with checkmarks performed on the existing inbox messages. They did not, likely because I poorly selected exact match of email rather than a broader entry, such as key word in subject. I initially expected exact match would be more accurate than words in subject that unwanted email senders keep modifying to avoid being purged by spam filters.

I will have to edit many of my rules to either subject. Perhaps there is a way to include the alias in the email between two <>. Is there a way to pick up key words that appear either in the alias (between <>) or in subject?

I have 32GB RAM and a modestly fast AMD Ryzen 7 2700X processor. I can let the manual process rules run all night.


–John A Kossey

Give me an example of “alias (between <>)”

Hello, Sunriseal,

Here are several, usually in the mail header following “From” prefix:

From: Newark
From: “Pfizer @ EveryJobForMe”
From: “ORIGIN PC - High Performance PCs”

If I can specify a phrase from between the < > content, that should suffice and probably will work better than using the exact email.

Thanks again.

–John A Kossey

When I look at what I typed, the < > has been stripped out and placed in blue-colored font. I had not expected that .

Thanks for your patience, sunriseal.

–John A Kossey

martes 19 octubre 2021 :: 1257hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @kosseyja

"Sadly, I have not figured a way to test new rules against already-received email in Inbox folder"

You should check this item that I posted against your other query…

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ALL my rules (100+) operate on the HEADER (From: and Subject:) information.
Here is an example, using a few of the “From:” words you listed above