Clicking a link in an E-mail does not open the link in the currently open web browser

I currently have Seamonkey as my default web browser, which my wife uses and really does not want to change since she also uses it’s E-mail client (Seamonkey is from the old Mozilla Suite). I’m in the process of moving to Firefox for a browser and EMclient for mail.

When I click on a link in an E-mail, EMclient opens Seamonkey instead of just opening the link in the currently open Firefox browser.

I don’t want to make Firefox the default because that would screw up my wife who is not technical at all.

Any way to fix this other than making Firefox the default browser?

Save the attachment then open it in Firefox.

@Ztruker Yes all programs in the OS only normally use (one default browser setting) for opening url links, so you would have to be manually open a specific browser after saving as @John_A mentioned.

Note:- Years ago some programs allowed you to configure a specific browser to use for links within the program, but gone are those days.

Bummer, makes it hard to do any testing prior to transitioning fully to EM Client. I need to educate my wife first and get her okay.

I like what I see so far with EM Client though so I believe it will be a good replacement for the Email client of Seamonkey.

Thank you both for your responses.

Note: I can also copy the link URL and paste it in Firefox which will work for a test period.