click to call function

Anybody miss a click-to-call function for contacts as in MS Outlook, as everybody is using more and more digital PBX with Voip ? Maybe choosing between using Skype or dial through PBX… Just an idea

We currently only support Skype, but we plan to implement support for systems that register the “callto:” URI scheme in the system.

I would like to see this work, if the scheme is with Phone Power. I use this system for my business.

It would be great to configure callto-Links with an external application. Is this feature on the road map?

It is in our todo list but I cannot tell you when exactly it will be implemented - I am sorry.

How much it would take to convert a text label with the phone number to a link calling tthe callto: protocol ???

Hi, what exactly are you having issues with now? For example if you’re using the right sidebar, under contact details, you can see a phone number which after a click opens up assigned application such as Skype or others. for a phone call to that phone number.

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I didn’t know that… anyway, why not in the Contact view? I tried to click the phone number in the right sidebar end a little info window of explorer.exe comes up telling me “Unable to find application”.
That means it is not calling a callto:// link, maybe a tel:// or (that would be really worst) a skype:// link ?

Hi again, can you make a screenshot of that window?
If no application is assigned to that function a window allowing you to choose which application to choose, it should be a tel:// link.

We’d like to add the feature to call from any number displayed in the application, but it’s currently under consideration for future releases.

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Yes, sure! Please take into consideration thet my system’s language is italian.

Hi again, can you go to Control Panel > Default Programs > Set Association, and check if there’s an item associated with skype, or if there’s a multiple number of items like this associated with skype.

Can you maybe make a screenshot of that setup?

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