Clear emails from server

I am a new user and I love this product so far, but I can’t figure out how to get eM to download the emails off of my server. It leaves them on there and the mail box will soon fill up.

Go to Tools -> Accounts -> select the account you want and then in POP3 -> Server Settings uncheck “Leave messages on the server”.

I’ve also asked about this. I’m using an IMAP server, and there doesn’t appear to be such an option to uncheck under the IMAP properties. If I have to go to the server to delete the messages, I shall have to change from eM Client to some other package.

Mike, on IMAP it is a different story altogether. If the server supports the UIDPLUS IMAP extension then we purge the messages from the server automatically. What provider/server are you using for the IMAP access?

It’s Oxford University’s I was previously using Outlook Express 6, and that purged automatically.

Thanks for the info, it is an Exchange server, which doesn’t support the UIDPLUS extension. We can purge automatically on closing the folder or directly after message deletion, each has its pros and cons. In any case, we will probably resolve it in time for the eM Client 2.6 update. I will post any relevant info here…

I have set-up as pop and checked leave msgs on server.
em client seems not to work with aim like this and msgs are infact downloaded
to em client and gone from aim server.
Any suggestions?

are you sure your messages are removed after download and not after delete and you don’t have checked "Remove from server when deleted from “Deleted folder”?


Milos Kovalcik.

Hi Milos,

I did have checked remove from server when deleted. I have removed this now.

Only item checked is “Leave copy of messages on the server.”

I do not understand the logic why this would make a difference but I will see now…

Thanks, Brian

It worked. Great, Thanks.
In the accounts settings there was an option to show weather
forecast in the calendar. I checked it, chose my location but
do not see the weather option in the calendar menus.
Am I overlooking something?

location for weather can be set in Tools-> Settings-> Weather and it should be always displayed for 4 days (from “Today”). It should be displayed next to the name of the day.


Milos Kovalcik.

I installed client and I had set: Tools -> Accounts -> select the account you want and then in POP3 -> Server Settings check “Leave messages on the server”.

But this stupid client deletes all mail from server after download!!!

This most likely a sever configuration issue of the remote side. Who is your mail provider?

You should enable “Leave on server” option for ALL accounts, either POP or IMAP.

If your admin configure to enable IMAP for your email user , the eM client automatically use IMAP, you do not have option to disalbe IMAP and use only POP3 by the eMclient software.
This (IMAP) means that your server mailbox will remain the same as on your desktop eMclient mailbox; and of course it will soon be exceed quota (full).
I suggest eM client should allow user to choose using POP3 or IMAP when they create new account.

you can manually configure your account in following way:
Open Tools - Accounts - New Account, click Mail and Choose Other.
Please let me know if it helps.

I have IMAP and also need to delete from server after download - cant see clear solution above - and cant find anything clicking round in the APP - is there a straightforward way to do this?

That not how IMAP protocols works. If you want mails to be deleted after retrieval, use POP3 protocol instead (if your mail server support it). Which is mentioned few times above.

Note that this is not the limitation of eM, but the protocol itself.