classic theme changes a problem

My first experience with em client was with v6, and although i love this app generally, i found at the outset that it had usability problems because of the low contrast interface. I picked the classic theme because it was the least problematic, but it was still a problem.

Now, unfortunately, V7 makes this even worse by reducing the contrast even further and making things lighter across the board - including lightening the classic theme.

The search bar is so pale now that at first glance i didn’t even see it. Ditto for the attachment icon, which i’m almost certain to miss on incoming emaills because you can barely see it.

I realize this has been done for esthetic reasons, but when design starts to impact usability i think things have gone too far.

eM Client designers should remember that not everyone’s eyes are the same, and not everyone’s screen is the same. I can maybe see this design working on a screen of normal brightness, but lots of people find that bright screens hurt their eyes and they turn down the brightness, thus also reducing the contrast.

I’d really like at least one theme that has better contrast - other than white on black, which is a usability nightmare. Could we not just have the colors of the classic theme from V6 ?  
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