Chronological reading

I seem to be in a minority, but I like to read my emails in the order they arrived.

If I have 10 unread emails I’ll go to the oldest and start reading. I delete emails that I no longer need immediately having read them.

Outlook’s default behavior is the same as eM Client’s: when you delete an email it sets the focus to the next oldest. This is fine if you’re reading down from the top but for me it constantly sets the focus to the newest read email, when I want it to go to the oldest unread one.

Outlook has a setting to change this so it works the way I want (can’t remember the setting because it’s so long since I used Outlook)

Thunderbird is different because the messages are sorted in chronological order with the newest at the bottom, but I prefer to work at the top of the window.

So…this is a request to add a setting to set the focus to the oldest unread email when you delete the current one. Or some other way of supporting chronological readers!

I added chronological reading to our feature requests.
Thanks for detail description.


Milos Kovalcik.