Chosen font size is not applied

Hi all,

All my mails are delivered with this header: “body { font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 9pt; }” , no matter what font size or font I select when composing. The preferred style is set to default “Helvetica, 12pt”.

I am using eM client version 9.2.2202 on mac and Google workplace.

Any idea why this is not working?
Many thanks!

I have always set my default font to Times New Roman 12 point, but this morning out of the blue both new and old messages are being displayed in a much smaller font size and I cannot get it to change back to 12 point. This may be a similar problem to yours.

Ha, I now remember that I had this kind of problem before thanks to the cat:

The option in preferences is 12 pt - that is Appleverse 12pt.

Unfortunately Apple measures points differently to everyone else. In the Appleverse, points are measured as 1/96 inch, while in the rest of the universe they are 1/72 inch. So if you choose 12pt in any Mac app, to the rest of the universe it will be 9pt.