choose sent from account

Is there a way of setting ‘no default account’ and being asked which account I want to send it from on pressing send? SO many times I have just composed a message and realisd that I have sent it from the wrong account

   I wish I had the answer… My goal is to be able to choose which email account is on the FROM line, but I only want one email account to be read into eM Client. In other words, before I SEND an email, I would like to be able to use the pulldown “menu” next to the SEND button to indicate that the email is coming from another account of mine.

   I tried to add an account with MENU->TOOLS->ACCOUNTS, and thought that maybe if I just requested that account’s CONTACTS, I wouldn’t get any of its emails synced into my eM Client. Alas, the final step in this setup flow is for eM Client to request that online account to allow access to ALL aspects (email send/receive, calendar, tasks, contacts) of that online account. Since I do not want my emails (or calendars) from that secondary online account to be managed in eM Client, I cancelled the request for access, and then the momentary appearance of a second choice in the pulldown menu disappeared.

   My guess is that if I am using, for example, as my primary email account that is actively supported in eM Client, then it just isn’t possible to have the FROM line indicate a different email account, say gmail, when it is sent via the service.

You might try adding the account and only use SMTP.  This should allow you to send mail but will not sync calendars or email.  If you can’t select SMTP only when setting up the account, you can go to menu/tools/accounts and these choices are on the general tab.

As for the OP’s question, I do not believe there is anyway to not have a default account.