Choose alias (identity) with Ctrl+Num shortcut when composing new e-mail

Mailbird has a great functionality of selecting an identity to use in “From” field of an e-mail with Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3 etc shortcuts. In eM Client you call it “Alias”.

You can select alias from the “From” dropdown in new e-mail window, but this is highly uncomfortable. What’s more, you can’t move to this dropdown with Tab key (at least I’m not able to do that).

It would be great if we could choose the “From alias” with some keyboard shortcut


And what’s more if you have like me about 150 aliases in different e-mail accounts you can guess how long this list grows and how long it takes to find one of those aliases.

Unfortunately there is no search-as-you-type available either.

I would highly appreciate if there would be a similar function as mentioned above or an edit field like those you already using while typing into the TO, CC or BCC.