Checking for new mails in the background after starting my PC - possible?


I want to check automatically for new mails after starting my PC, but the only thing I have found is to start the program via autostart. But how is it possible to synchronize my accounts in the background, so that I only get a information in the right lower corner, without starting the whole programm?


Hello Tobias,
eM Client needs to be running to synchronize your messages.
However you can run the program on Startup and then set to Minimize/Close application to Tray in the Tools>Settings>General section to hide eM Client when you don’t use it.


Thank you very much,

but i have already activated this funktions. And I am looking for a possibility so that the programm automatically by starting the PC, checks for new email(s). But this should happen in the background so that the programm isn’t oppening. I only want to get a notice when I got new email(s), without starting the programm.

But I think this is (still) not possible, isn’t it?

Another question is it possible to program a little software witch starts the programm and closes it right after? So that i can put this software in the Autostart.
So that eM Client is started and then the surface is closed but it runs already, in the background, witch you can see then in the Task Manager?

Thanks in advance