Check for updates option?

When I click on “Check for updates” it indicates there are no updates available. When I go to the Update History site it tells me that there have been three updates since my last update which was 8.0.2951.
3283.0 - Aug 12th
3318.0 - Aug 17th
3385.0 - Aug 20th

Is there a problem with the update notification or are these not legitimate updates?


“CHeck for Updates” was resolved in 3385.0

Hey there “sunriseal” thanks for the update! I have now downloaded 3283,3318 & 3385 just in the last few days. Will monitor the updates from this point on.

Thanks again for the follow up!

Stay safe!!

The updates are still not working? I have update 3385.0 downloaded and there are three updates on the Release History since. When I click on “Check for updates” it inidcates that there are “No new updates”?

Are the updates safe to download? Why is the automatic updates not functioning as yey should?


They are safe… update away… BTW, one of the 3 is for v7.2

Certainly safe, otherwise they would not be released. I understand that the updates are not pushed to all users at once, so that might be why there is some delay.

Also, if you are a Pro License user, check the License Manager. You can set the updates to normal, manual, never or testing.