Check for update doesn't work

I’m running 7.0.26356.0 on Windows 10 and when I check for update from the menu I’m told there isn’t one but when I look at the Release History on the web site the latest version is 7.0.26567.0.

Any reason why it doesn’t find the newer version?

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Same here

They just love to keep us in the dark.

Guess this is the only place to find it:

I have seen a v7 Update-Window before, so it should probably work

But I don’t see a version number anywhere on this page. You have to download the file and look at the properties>details to at least get a date, when it was compiled.  There were at least 3 updates to the final version in the last couple of weeks without the help-menue showing them.
They don’t publish version numbers. Seems to be a matter of principle.
They also never update their “how we compare” page, the current versions of Thunderbird and Outlook compare much better than indicated on that page

Thank you. How did you find that page?

It gets posted in this forum sometimes, e.g. to point to older releases when needed

Same here. The solution for me was downloading em Client 7 instalation again and install over my previous instalation. At least worked. But the “check for updates” is not working.

I believe they don’t always push out every minor release to users and even then not at once.

In my view even minor releases should be found. Who knows if a particular issue I’m having wasn’t fixed in that minor release.

I would think it would also be helpful to the staff when trying to deal with issues. If I have an issue and it’s been fixed in a minor release then that’s one more issue they don’t have to deal with on this forum.

I don’t know if it’s by design or not but I don’t use emClient because of basic issues with the program (I’ve posted my main problems in another post) but I check occasionally to see if they have been addressed. Not being able to easily update doesn’t encourage me to come back.

Hard to disagree with your logic.

More detailed info on what exactly the (minor) update fixes would have me not go through my most pressing issues and trie to find if one has maybe been fixed :wink:

Thanks. Odd place to put it. I’m guessing downloading off the main web site offers the same version but as someone else posted they don’t make it easy to see which version is being downloaded.

Your point is well taken.  Not everybody wants or needs to install every minor update, especially if the change does not impact them.  But as you mention, a better log to make that determination is essential.

The release history can be found on the donwload page of emclient:

When you follow these steps on the German web site, you get the following result:

True, only exists without de.