Check For Corrupt Database Bypass

I’m getting tired of this software running a looong database check every time that it starts up (after a hard shut down). The fix has been talked for a at least three years (one solution said that it will be repaired in V3) and if the fix so difficult then just generate a prompt to ask me if I want to do it. Please let me know the workaround that has been discussed on the boards. It’s time to climb in the saddle and repair this.

Windows 7 x64
eM Client Ver 6.0.198612.0

Hi, after you exit eM Client normally do you still have mailclient.exe process in task manager?

Do you use any kind of antivirus or firewall?


If I exit normally, there is nothing in the task manager for eMClient. I use Mcafee for firewall and virus. That’s is getting away from the point that this problem has been around for years, been promised a fix for years and nothing happens. I just want a prompt to ask me is I want to do the corruption check or a way to shut the thing off.

Hi, could you try to disable your antivirus and then shut down computer with running eM Client?

by disabling I mean all services it runs, this might be cause by it chekcing eM Client’s database while shutting down computer.


It checks the database during a startup from a hard shut down and not during shut down. What I’m asking for is a simple prompt that displays before your software does it’s corrupt database routine. This prompt will allow me to give a yes/no to the scan. This was promised 3 versions ago but never delivered.


There is implemented automatic fix, that is why I am asking you to try what I have described in previous post.

Can you try that?

I disabled the firewall and upon restart, eM Client came up fine with no corruption check (that’s good). Where does this leave the fix?


This means problem is in your firewall not in eM Client.


Let’s get back to the original request. Regardless of how I start or restart things, I just need a prompt before the database check is done to bypass it if I want.

There should be button “Abort” already, you do not see it?


EDIT: option for complete skip will not be implemented, database check is only triggered when eM client is not closed in proper way or in case of broken database and situations like these.

So if your firewall software is causing this issue there is nothing we can do.

When I restart later, I’ll generate the corruption check to see if the Abort button is there.


I too am experiencing this issue. I did not crash the program or shut it down improperly. I simply put my computer to sleep. There’s a chance my laptop’s battery died overnight and therefore shut the whole computer down. When I booted up this morning, it started running the database check. I cannot have my email client unavailable for 15-20 minutes at a time as I’m trying to start my workday! I do not have an abort button, just a cancel button. If I recall, if I hit the cancel button, it will simply close eMClient altogether. It will not bypass the check and allow me into the program.

I love this program but this specific issue is starting to become a serious issue!

Hi again Kendra, if your battery has depleted this may have caused the issue to occur, shutting down the application without letting it close properly may relate to the database check, however if you believe nothing should happen to the database, e.g. wasn’t being accessed while the application was being shutdown, you can simply click on the cancel button to skip the database check.


Completely agree with Herb Van Vliet - a proper cancel/abort option is needed. There is a cancel button - but clicking this just stops the eM Client software loading! It’s a useless button - to get back in to eM Client you still need to launch it again and wait for the check to complete. This takes over half an hour for me.

Hello Andy, this is not how it should work though, if you’ve restarted your computer or the application was quit unexpectedly, the database check will be launched on the next startup, clicking on the cancel button will close the database check utility that has been launched, and let you start the application as usually, wait after clicking the cancel button and the application should load in few seconds.

Unfortunately though, if the database is really corrupt, eM Client may not be able to launch since the database is corrupt, in that case, you can’t abort the check to load up the application obviously.


“wait after clicking the cancel button and the application should load in few seconds” - it doesn’t. Ever. The application never starts, not even after waiting minutes. All I can do is click the icon in Windows once more and wait for the whole ‘checking’ process to complete. I have a very large number of emails dating back to 2004 which may explain why things take longer for me than some others, but your software should be able to deal with this. I am running v6.0.22344. 

Can you please confirm or not if the application starts after the database check completes the process? I’m afraid this would mean there has been a database issue that disables the application’s ability to start, however I believe an error would be thrown eventually as well.


Yes - if I do not click ‘cancel’, and wait 30-40 minutes for the checks to complete, then the application starts and works perfectly well - until the next time I need to force-close it and go through the unbearable wait again. 

I am having the exact same problem.  REALLY Frustrating and wasted soooo much time waiting for it to reopen.

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