Check_db.txt not being deleted

I have no problem starting or using EmClient.
However, I keep the EmClient data folder on Dropbox on my main computer so I can access it when I travel using my portable.
It starts up and shuts down normally, however, the check_db.txt file is never erased (and seems to cause an error in Dropbox).
I understand that check_db.txt is supposed to be deleted on shut down if there are no problems.
How do I get it to be deleted?

You will have issues if the database is stored in a cloud synced folder, unless you only sync the folder manually when eM Client is closed.

Also, having two installations of the application using the same data store means that if one installation is of a different version, then the database may not be usable on both. It also can’t be used from both devices at the same time.

Best solution for using eM Client on multiple devices is to sync your messages, calendars and contacts with an online provider. That way regardless of what application or device you use, you will always have access to the same data, in realtime.