Chat Settings and Features - Disable Chat History?

Is there a way to disable saving chat history in emclient? I know you can delete it manually. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a chat client that didn’t allow you to disable chat history saving completely. How can I turn this feature off?

It would also be nice to turn off notifications for people coming online. It’s distracting. Is there a setting I’m missing for that as well?

It’s convenient having a chat client built in, but I wish there were settings for details like disabling features that are connected to the service, in case the user doesn’t want them.

Hi, unfortunately you can not turn off the Chat History feature currently.
If you’d like to see this feature, you can make an idea topic that allows other users to vote on the feature, and if the user feedback is sufficient we might add it in future releases.

You can turn off any kind of built-in notification by going to Tools > Settings > Notifications.
There’s several notification categories assigned next to every notification (Sound, pop-up, icon).
If you click the little icon next to the notification type, there should be a red cross, implying that the notification is turned off.

That should solve at least one of the two issues.

Thank you for understanding,