Chat Screen Capture

We currently use Trillian office wide for XMPP chat however, we’ve been looking for something different. We use eM Client office wide for email and have been looking into eM Client’s chat option. However, there are a few features that we don’t see.

  1. Trillian has a built in “Screen Capture” option that will allow us to use screen capture and automatically adds it to the chat.
  2. Offline chats. When we are “offline” and receive a chat, the chat does not come through when we go back “online”. Our chats are saved on our server so one would think that eM Client could pull in unread chats when opened or when a user goes online.
  3. We have group chat’s setup which work in Trillian but not eM Client. It shows a message has been received but there is no content.

With eM Client 9.2 and SmarterMail 8629, 2 & 3 are working, mostly.

  1. server-based chat history works, you don’t get an alert when opening eM Client that you have missed chat messages though.
  2. group chat is working great! So folks know, SmarterMail has a feature where one can add multiple recipients to an email “alias” and then show that group to the xmpp chat system (built-in to SM) as a group.