Changing theme should have an apply or immediately change when I click it, but revert if I cancel

The themes are cool, but it would be easier if there was an apply button in the settings dialog to get a sense of what the theme looks like when applied before committing. Or just make the theme set when I click it in the list and if I save and close it applies it, but if I X out of the settings dialog, it abandons it.

Also, IMO, the Save and Close button is in the wrong location or maybe just not needed. It’s possible to do away with the button completely by just applying the changes immediately and having
“restore defaults” on settings where it makes sense.


There is an apply button in the toolbar

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jueves 23 diciembre 2021 :: 1526hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @aosman

I am not completely clear what you are saying, there is as @Michal_Burger says an apply button on
the Theme Editor toolbar that will do as it says, however, I suggest that you should use the option
to save your changes by selecting save as (for instance Arctic_1 by clicking the V next to the Save
Button - top left in the Editor) before you apply, this will allow you to return to the default Arctic
Theme if you are not happy with any/all of the changes you make.
You may well be someone who is a capable software/system editor, I have no idea; however, I
believe that it is prudent of the developers to ensure the various steps that are available up to
and including Save & Close are there to safeguard inexperienced users who might want to use
or experiment with Themes - they need to cater for the lowest level of capability.

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