Changing Online Meetings

I get Teams-Meetings from others outside of the emClient. I like to add these meetings to my iCloud calendar using emClient including the Teams-Url I got from peers. To get the “Join meeting” button right in emClient I have to create an “Online Meeting”. In this scenario it is not quite clear where to fill in the Url I got. Further more it seems there is no way at all to change an online meeting. For example: they move or change their Teams-Meetings so they always get a new Url (that’s a not so nice feature from Teams). I like to change the Url in my calendar entry.

I get the feeling that the emClient Feature “Online Meeting” isn’t for this whole use-case where I get online-meeting infos and like to create/manage a calendar entry using emClient. Instead I guess I can only use “Standard Meeting” and paste Urls in location or description even if iCloud calendar (online) has a field for “Url”.