Changing folder name that is being used in a Rule

I have a rule set up that moves incoming mail to a Local folder. When I changed the name of the target folder the rule was not updated to the new name and the rule failed to work as it was still looking for a target folder with the old name.

I would suggest that this is a bug as systems should have coherent behaviour where a change in one part of the system is replicated throughout. Otherwise you are relying on the user being able to remember the entire structure of system.

With my eMC setup (v9… Windows), if I change the folder name that is used in a rule, the rule will change to the under-lined name of “folder”, for you to choose a new folder name, it does not use the “target folder with the old name”.

It would be a good idea to make the same change to any rule that uses that folder name. I would suggest that you add that request to the “Feature Request” category, if it does not already exist.

Yes that’s right it does change to “folder” (I mis-reported that), but as I said it doesn’t update and so doesn’t work, and you have to know to look. I’m not sure I consider it a “feature request” more a “bug fix”. Maybe that’s just semantics.