Changing calendar event end time changes start time.

I want to report a bug. I am trying to set a calendar event. When both start and end time are either AM or PM, if I change the end time, the start time changes as well. And if I then go to change the start time, it changes the end time.


this is not bug but by design, it has been stated in few topics before.


Please, this may not be a ‘bug’, but it is HIGHLY annoying! I am constantly going back and forth with changing start/end times because the program automatically adjusts the other - it drives me crazy! What works well is MS Outlook where you have a start time, and then a duration for the event - it is simple and hassle free. Please don’t just sit back and think your program is best, you should really ASK users about how the calendar start/end/duration should work. I think you’ll find many/most do NOT like the way it is now.

Your reply of “this is not bug but by design, it has been stated in few topics before,” is very dismissive and condescending to users that are trying to improve your product. You should respect your paying clients by accepting their input, stating that this idea will be adding to your list of features/changes to be considered, and thanking them for their time to provide this valuable feedback… Maybe it is your lack of understanding of English, but your reply is not an acceptable way to treat valuable clients and a senior eM manager should review the way that forum replies are handled.


Todd Malone 

Time has passed, but there is still a problem here. I just set my start time at 10:30 am. The end time defaults to 11:00 am. Fine. Next I start to change the end time by over-typing the “11” with a “4”, intending to change it to 4:30 pm. However, as soon as I put the “4” in, the [expletive deleted] program changes my START time to 4:30 am. I assume the program logic is that since the ending time - 4:30 am - is earlier than 10:30 am, the start time MUST be 4:30 am or earlier, so the [expletive deleted] program makes it so. No allowance is made for the fact that I’m NOT FINISHED setting the end time yet.

The obvious workaround is for the user to set the “pm” for the end time BEFORE changing the number to “4,” but why expect them to guess that they need to do that?

If the program wants to figure out what I want, it ought to figure out that when the start time is “am” and I type a smaller number in the end time, I must intend to change the “am” to “pm.” Why not do that instead of changing the start time? 

Otherwise, I would prefer a simple error message before I close the window to inform me when the end time is before the start time (which is not a bad idea as a fail-safe anyway).

I agree, the existing behaviour is counter-intuitive and very frustrating. Please reconsider this “feature”.

Hello Chris, thank you for the suggestion, I’ve also suggested this improvement to the developers recently. We’re working on improving this for future releases of eM Client.