Changing calendar creates Attendees bug

Changing the calendar for an event results in the addition of an Attendee, which it shouldn’t do.

I’m running 6.0.23181.0 using a Google email account with multiple calendars.  I can create an event and the hover box does not have the attendee field. I then edit the event, changing the calendar and the hover box now shows an Attendee, myself.  Just changing the calendar shouldn’t cause this to happen.

If I now change the calendar again, I get a pop-up box saying “Scheduled item was updated” and asking me if I want to send a proposal. I say no and I get another pop up box saying the attendee has been removed and asking if I want to send a cancellation.  At this point the Attendee field is still shown in the hover box, but I can change the calendar without getting the pop-up boxes.

Interestingly, the Attendee that is created is not shown anywhere in the em Client edit box, but I can see it in other calendar apps (such as Thunderbird - where I have had to edit the attendee out of all my events).

Since I switch events between different calendars a lot, this is a nasty bug.  Other calendar apps don’t do this (including Thunderbird and also my Android phone).  Em client never used to until the update around June this year.

Please fix the  bug.

Hello Philip, sorry to see this and thank you for reporting this, unfortunately I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to as hover box, can you please make a screenshot of the issue and submit it to us here on forum.

Are you only having this issue with your Gmail account or all existing calendar accounts (if you have more than one)? If you add an event to your calendar, you should show-up as an attendee of the event in the “Scheduled” tab of the event’s details, however notifications about updating the event should not be displayed on save if you’re the only attendee.


Hello Paul, here are the screen shots which show the problem.

All calendars are on a single Google mail account.  I don’t use any other calendars (this means my calendars are synced with my phone, etc).

Below, you can see I have created an event. The hover box is produced when the mouse hovers over the event.  You can see the hover box to the right of the event and it does not contain an Attendee (this is correct).

In the picture below, I’ve now edited the event (double clicking on the event) and changed the calendar. You can see from the hover box that em Client has created an Attendee (which it shouldn’t have).

In the picture below, you can see the scheduling information for the event in em Client.  The attendee list contains the same is identical to how it looked before the change of calendar: the new attendee is not shown.

Now compare that to the next image which shows the attendee list in Thunderbirds calendar.  Highlighted in blue is the extra attendee that was created by em Client.  If I delete the attendee in blue, then the em Client with revert back to not showing an Attendee in the hover box.

It is important not to have the Attendee created, because the event is treated differently with Attendees.  When there are attendees, if you change the Calendar, then the calendar application will try and tell all attendees about the change, so you get lots of notifications and boxes, such as the one shown in the final image below:

The problem is easily reproducible.

Hello Phillip, thank you for following up with me, I was able to replicate the problem, and reported the problem to the developers, we’ll be inspecting the issue further and working on a solution to future updates.


Thanks.  Could you post a reply when it gets fixed.

Hello, I’ll try to keep you informed, but unfortunately I’m not completely sure when the issue will be resolved, the fix will most likely be a part of a future update available through the check for updates feature.


Hello Paul, having tried the latest version (6.0.23421.0), this doesn’t seemed to be fixed.  I just wanted to check this is still in the pipeline for a future release. Thanks.