Changing backup target directory

I’ve accessed Backup through Menu/Settings/Backup and I want to change my target directory so that it gets picked up by OneDrive. For some reason the system will not let me change it. I must have set it when I first setup eMclient.
Have I missed something??

It is not advisable to set the cloud as the destination for backups, as the utility that syncs with the cloud may lock the zip file while it is being created. Then it will be incomplete and can’t be used later if you need to restore.

Best is to leave it where it is, and manually copy any of the zip files you want to keep to the cloud once the backup is complete. But if you want to change it, click the three dots next to the target directory, and select your preferred destination.

Gary, many thanks for your very quick reply. I will take onboard your comments regarding cloud backup of zip files and consider how to schedule manual copies of the files.

I have now successfully changed the destination of the backup files, which needed doing anyway.

Thanks again.