Changing Appearance of Email List (Firstname/Lastname/Colors)

Dear Lovely Sirs & Madams who have made this genius and only viable alternative to Microsoft Exchange mail program in this very smart fast email program. I installed the free version yesterday and already love it.

Now whats holding me back to buy and go pro, you ask? I think your asking price is very modest, but I do miss certain functions which I will state below.

If and once these options are planned to be elaborated in your route promised to me to be carried out, then I feel heard and will go pro and on top of that I want to donate for certain features I am missing.

I will spend even more money if I would know that you genuinely agree with me and would like to roll out these ideas in your software and make it even more attractive for all of us hesitants to switch over :) 

Im a nobody but I am a young architect who works for the second largest province of The Netherlands. Email/calendar programs are for me, and for my colleages, our the main platform for daily tasks. So I take it seriously.

First the good news:
Wauw what a pleasant well coded fast responsive software!! Very very well thought out! Please see my comments and critique within this context! These addons that I wish for are gems that will make your software even more ready for enterprise users and professionals to switch and also home users who like to go for the better alternative than your standard outlook and what have you.

First thing Im wishing for is a much more granular freedom to customize the interface. Aside choosing themes which is nice, I need options to simply set my own desired colors, not the a predefined pink or blue but my own pink my own orange etc, according to my own taste! I want to define all sorts of things, in the main list view left like its background, its font sizes for the names and font size for the email subjects, and also color highlights of firstname or lastname or email subjects… like below example

This option would be worth 20 euro for if carried out nicely and user friendly, for me as a power user and all of us in search for the “best alternative email app”. Where can i give you my money and see you implement this function for me and for us all?

Currently the Email List is very boring, everything is black (there is a slight color nuance  between name and email subject, but i want to control that beautiful nuance in color difference and set that color myself thank you very much :slight_smile: Maybe i want to see email subjects as brown or pink or yellow highlight with black text… allow me to see what I want to see :slight_smile:

I love the fact that you have implemented icons. Neat but the only icon that one would ever dare paste in a business email is the first smiley. Now, there are a dozen variations of how you could smile. And I would like to see the first icon elaborated in about 20 versions. From a very modest friendly smile to a very happy pink blush smile (still with mouth closed!) to various friendly looking smiles that can meet certain business letters without coming over as a total freak. The other icons in your program are nice but ever so unusable in any business environment.

Even better would be an option to let me choose a folder on my disk and load all PNG icons in there, and when I press the icon button all icons are loaded alphabetically from that location. This option would be worth 10 euro to me! Timeless userfriendly. Initially the folder would contain your / these icons below, wich I can supplement or replace. Awesome!! Make that 20 euro not 10.

In the abow Email list it shows last names then comma then first name initials.


I would like to see:


Also I would like to be able to sort thius Email list colum by:
First name, by Last name

Would these above concent controls be possible? To give me controll in how the email list is shown? I would like to spend 10 euros for this option to be realised. Also I would like to be able to highlight the first name and the subject etc (my own color of choice, no predefined set of theme colors).

More granular options to override an already good theme would be nice! That way lazy users can default to simple themes and power users can further customize to their taste. Lovely!

To summarize. Incredible software with potential. I want that potential realised. Let me know once these ideas are elaborrated or promise me they are in the planning and I shall purchase the software as well as donate the above on top of that.

Kind greetings from The Netherlands,

Sam (a young architect)