Changet text type in a mail.

Text type can only be set once in a new mail. Example defult is Sergoe UI. I prefer Calibri. It is not possible to set it in Settings>E-post. Send some solution.

Hi Ingemar,

There is a workaround for this. In Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates & Signatures you can set a blank new Template with a designated font and set it as your default Template for the new mail.


Hi Russel,

Thanks for your answer.
I could not find something similar to Templates & Signatures. in my eM Client.
I am a Swede and have Swedish text in my eM Client.

But when I looked more carefully on all the choses I found Epost>Write>Preferred text type and I choosed Calibri  and size 12 and as far as I can see in the text in i new mail I have got it.

When I look at an icone for text in the small row above the mail content I can see Calibri size 12 is selected.
I hope it will stay there.

My way of doing it is another way of doing what you sugested.
I had missed that eM Client has both choise for Reading and a Writting.
Why two rows? I was lucky to find one row.
I had missed to change for Writing.

Your answer opend my Eye to be more careful when changing something in eMClient.
New program has lot lot of text to read and understand.

Once again thanks för your answer that pushed me to be more careful when changing something in eM Client.

Kind Regards

Hi Ingemar,

If you wished to change just the font and a size, it is possible to set is as you wrote. For more complex changes (colour for example) you’d need to do it through Templates.


Hi Russel

Thanks for reply.
As far as I can understand you are an emloyee at eM Clent.

May I ask you if you have a User Guide or a Manual för eM Client.
I am an engineer and like to sit and read how to do something in your program.
I don ́t like to be a hacker in your program.

I will inform you that I have started eM Client as my default mail program in a PC and a Laptop.
I like your program and have abandom the old Windows Live Mail (WML).

Perhaps I will chose your eM Client Pro in a future.
I need 4 accounts in a mail program in both PC and laptop.

I can use the 2 missing accounts in WML but I don ́t like to go on with it for long.
Is it easy to upgrade?
What is a buy cost for it in PC+Laptop?
I hope I don ́t miss my settings in the free program done so far.
Can you sent over some instruction how to do it?

Your program is very intelligent and understood how to read my old mails drawn over to Thunderbird installed as IMAP for my server in Sweden.
That was a demanding operation and I succeded to do it.
It was around 600 mails.

Your program suggested something to solve to read the mails from the server.
I said OK and now the program reads my mails as a charm.
I give your program 10 stars of 10 possible after that.

I have exported Everything I could from eM Client into a map in both my computers and hard disks.
I have bougth Backup eM Client program from ZebNet US.

I hope your Company have a nicer approch then Microsoft that suddenly stop supporting a mail program (WML)? 

I hope I can be very satisfied in the future with my choise of eM Client.

I look forwart to hear from you conserning good adwises to go on with your program.

Kind Regards

Hi Ingemar,

You can find useful information in our Knowledgebase:

The prices and the purchase link are to be found on our website: After the purchase, you’ll receive the PRO version’s activation key. Then you just need to deactivate the old licence on your PC and reactivate with the new key. It will unlock the PRO features and all your settings will remain untouched. 

Thank you for your kind words and I believe you’ll be satisfied with eM Client.