Change wrong error condition for tasks start/due date

If start date = due date eM Client refuses to save the task.

But start date = due date is not wrong. More over, it is a default behaviour of iOS Reminders when a time dependend reminder is set. If an iOS task is synched to eM Client, the task cannot be edited and saved again as long as start date = due date.

Change the error condition to start date > due date (instead of >=)

I have tested it right now and been able to set the same due date, start date and also the reminder. Can you please post here a screenshot?

Please note: When working in a local folder it works ok.

When editing or creating in a caldav account folder you should be able to reproduce it (in my case: task has been imported from OL2003, synched to iOS and back before).

What version of eM Client are you using?


Thank you - we found the cause of this issue and will fix it ASAP. You can expect it in one of the next updates.

Having the same issue…

Hi, this should be already repaired, write me your version number from Help - About please.


6.0.19861.0 (Dutch)

Could you please switch eM Client for a while into English and create screenshot of that issue?


This is not an issue, you can’t create event with identical start and ending time, for this you will have to use Tasks.


Why can I create these events in Outlook, iOS, Android etc.? eM Client is the ‘weirdo’ here…

eM client is designed this way.


“eM client is designed this way.”

Sometimes design decision can be changed / improved.

Some events do happen within 1 minute.

What will be the negative consequences for eM Client when events can have a zero length? Does the code need to change a lot? Will it loose a lot of functionality?

From one side I think “an end user can let the event take 1 minute”, from another side I think “if end users would like to be able to add events which don’t take time, and it’s not much work for the eM Client team to implement it, maybe it should be implemented.”

I think tasks are something else than events.

I totally agree and I think “eM client is designed this way” isn’t sufficient and kind of harsh.

Thank you for pointing this out, if you’d like to see this feature in future versions you can create an “Idea” topic and let other users vote on it.
If there’s a sufficient user feedback for this feature, we might add it in future releases.

Thank you for understanding,