Change the day colour in calendar

How can you change the highlight colour of the current day shown in the month view of the calendar as it is so hard to see the almost pale couour of it at the moment. otherwise a perfect program.

Hello, you can create a custom color theme in eM Client.
Please go to Tools -> Settings ->Themes -> Save current theme to file.
It will generate xml file in which you can change any color you want. Then just use you custom theme file. If you have any difficulties with this process, tell us.

The save theme button is grayed out and there is no themes listed and I can’t save anything I change it just will not work the save button stays grayed out.
What next???

Not all are comfortable with editing xml files or any other for that matter
Perhaps a keen guru could post some work they have done?

It’s not that I can’t edit a HTML file , it is that the theme can’t be saved and I can’t find any themes for it anywhere to put it it’s directory to be able to have a go to edit it.

This is what I was referring to…

Hi, there is a bug in eM Client with save current theme button. Currently you can’t save system theme to file. So you need to select “From Color” theme first, confirm changes (Ok button) and then when you go to themes tab again you will be able to save current (color based) theme.
We will fix this issue in some of upcoming releases.

managed to do what I wanted thanks all is well in that department, looking forward to the fix (bug updates).