Change the amount of days the agena shows?

In the “Lighting” extension for Thunderbird, there’s a preference called “calendar.agendaListbox.soondays” which allows you to customize how many days in the future you can see upcoming events.

Is there a similar feature in eM Client? I like to know what’s coming within the next 60 days, personally.

click on the Options - select “Show upcoming events” and change the amount of shown days.

that options dropdown doesn’t work for me.why is that? it doesn’t work for anything with an options dropdown. what would cause this!?

well, i figured out what was going on with this REAL fast. because i have dual monitors, when i clicked “options”, the dropdown was opening to the RIGHT of em client for some reason:

… but i had the monitor turned off so it looked like nothing was happening. on a wild guess, i put emclient into windowed mode and clicked options and it worked, so that’s what led to this discovery.

now that begs to ask why you can’t customize this menu. i like 60 days, not 90 days. you should be able to specify for yourself!!!

I am sorry, it is no currently possible. I can add it to our Feature request list, but implementation of this feature depends on the number of customers who will require it.