Change template and signature in email window

I do not want to reply to each email with the same template or signature. So what is needed is to push “reply” and in the following email window have a menu entry Tools>Template and Tools>Signature.
From this menu I could choose my template and the email would be converted into the template and then allow me to continue writing my email. Same with the signature.

PS: It would be nice if you could implement an automatic setting that would reply to an email of a certain category with a certain template! eg. I categorize my email as translation and when I push reply the “translation template” and “translation signature” would be chosen. - Maybe by allowing to categorize templates and signatures and thus assign them to the email with the same category automatically.

A menu entry Tools>Template , to choose the template in the already open reply message, would be a great idea.
Customizable keyboard shortcuts to just insert the template in the body message (like The Bat! has) would be even greater .
Thank you for considering.

Hi, unfortunately it is not possible to reply using a template, however if you need a predefined text for your replies, you can use signatures to workaround this missing features.
Signatures and Templates are essentially the same feature, however it is possible to change/insert a signature into a reply or forwarded message.

Just setup the template as signature and click on “signatures” in the toolbar to include your setup “template”.

Hope this helps,

This is an excellent idea.

No problem, glad I could help, please let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

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