Change taskbar icon when composing email vs reading email (like Outlook)

How about changing the taskbar icon when an email is being composed so that it differs from the default “closed envelope” icon that is displayed when merely reading emails (like Outlook does)?

Hi, unfortunately we do not plan to implement this feature in foreseeable future.


That’s too bad, it would be really helpful!

In Windows 10, the taskbar button does change, but that is a feature of Windows. It is subtle, but it indicates that there is more than one window open for that application.

The top bar is just eM Client main interface, and the bottom bar has a new message window open.

If that is not enough, you can always disable combining taskbar buttons if you need to be reminded that you have a compose window open. :slight_smile:

My taskbar buttons are not combined, and I use Windows 7 (tried to upgrade to 10, but it did not work).

I don’t have them grouped so when I have an email that I’m reading open and one that I’m composing the taskbar icons are identical.  

Isn’t this a simple coding change?  With .NET wouldn’t it just be changing the Form.Icon property?

Gregorio, maybe time to move to Windows 10, where they are different. :slight_smile:

I’m on Windows 10.  The first taskbar item below is an email I received and the second is a test email that I was composing:

Contrast that with Outlook: