'Change Reply-to' feature further enhancement

The new change reply-to feature is a good addition, thank you. However…

It only appears to let me select a different one of the email accounts I have set up in eM Client, or to enter a custom one. The truth is, I am probably going to use the same custom one (or one of a very small number of addresses) every time I use this feature. I would suspect this will be true for most users.

To make the feature complete, there appears to be a need for us to be able to create a short list of selectable custom reply to addresses for the ones we will repeatedly use. i.e. when we enter a custom email address, we need a check-box to indicate if it is one we want to save to use again so it becomes selectable along with the configured email accounts.

Less important, but nice if we are going to use this regularly, would be a keyboard shortcut straight to the select reply-to address.

Thank you for the continued development eM Client

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Good suggestion. Maybe the “reply-to” field could also just be a address field that can be added in the mail composition window, like CC and BCC.