Change position of the Send button

This might seem like something not to important.  But, I use a laptop most of the time, with a touch pad.  My problem is that when I hit ‘Reply’ and the page changes, my cursor stays in the same place in the upper left hand corner.  So, now the cursor is sitting on the ‘Send’ button.  I try to remember to move my cursor using my touch pad…But, sometimes I forget and as I am typing I will accidentally hit the touch pad and my email will send.  I would be really nice if the Send button could be moved either lower or someplace else to prevent this.  Thank you for any advise or help 

Another problem with the Send button is its proximity to the Menu.  In my experience it is far too easy to click in error on Send when going to access editing features in Menu.  As a result, I have sent people incomplete, and blank, messages.