Change menu wording "Forward as original" to "Resend"

Why use 3 words when one will be better understood?

Because it doesn’t work that way. “Resend” would produce a new email, with the same text and the same list of recipients, ccs and bccs, and that’s what we need in this software. All “Forward as Original” does is to set up a new copy of the text, but with no addressees or copies. You then have to go back into the original, click on the addressee list, right-click and select “Copy all addresses” and paste them into the appropriate place on the new email. A bad kludge for something that I think every other email program has as a matter of course. When, oh when, will this facility be in eMClient?


For de_DE this would be: “Erneut senden…“

Thank you for your suggestion - I have added it to our list of feature requests but I cannot tell you when exactly it will be implemented.