Change email from name to my name instead of "me" when I email myself

When I send an email to myself, the from field say “me”.  Can I change this?  I would rather it be my name as listed in the accounts data.  Thanks

yes !!!  I was on the verge to ask Tech  Developers emClient the same as what Gary wants… it is more professional to display my name  …  instead of “me”

AND THEN …  in the SENT  boxes -  take out the word “To:”   as well   -   as soon as you guys got some time for the more professional look -  …

emClient is TOPS!!!  GREAT THANKS !!!    -  have  agood weekend -  from Nicol in Cape Town - Southern Africa Friday 31  March 2017

I was also about to create a topic about this, nice search for similar topics on the right side of this message box!

But I don’t see any solution posted in this old topic from March 2017, 4 years ago already.

Is this possible now?

I’ve disabled “conversations” as I found it very annoying.
And now there is also no “me” anymore :slight_smile:

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