Change default settings for chat


I have pushed the trial-version of eM Client to some people now, and the first question everyone asks me is how to deactivate notifications for when people are logging on and of the chat, or changing their status in general.

And when you think of it; many have hundreds of chat-contacts, and having this sound being played every second paired with the popup windows stealing focus is of course very annoying.

So my suggestion is simple: As default, the only chat-notification activated should be when one of your contacts try to communicate directly with you.

You can manage all notifications in Tools - Settings - Notifications

Thanks for replying!

The reason I suggest this is that it drags down the first impression of eM Client.

If it was possible to do a poll here, I’m pretty sure the majority of your customers deactivate these notifications as one of the first things after starting to use the program.

I, myself a paying customer of yours, work as an it-consultant, and really want to have my clients using eM Client, but the existing default setting makes eM Client annoying instead of breathtaking at first glance.